Why We Have Started Vlogs

Having to constantly update people on what we are currently up to is a good problem to have. It means people are interested in what we’re doing! Unfortunately, you start to go a bit stir-crazy repeating yourself and trying to remember everything that everyone is doing as the business keeps getting bigger.

That’s why we have decided to start a monthly vlog to act as our town crier. It only makes sense that we would use video to update the ever increasing Floodlight community on the exciting developments and we look forward to bringing a bit of our flair to it.

So to kick things off we’ve created the above video as an announcement of what’s to come. We hope that these vlogs will showcase our work but also give insight into the genuine creative passion that keeps this place going. This is clear through all of our skilled and hardworking team who we hope to shine the spotlight on.

When you are proud of something it is sometimes hard to explain exactly why and we feel that total transparency is going to be the best way to show what we are about. It’s always great when you meet someone for the first time yet they feel like they already know you.

Please enjoy the intro and stay tuned for the first official vlog which will cast an eye back on the last three years of work that have brought us to where we are today!