MGA Behind The Scenes

By Cameron Roberts.

When it comes to marketing for rural demographics, there is a healthy level of skepticism in those communities that you have to take into consideration, especially surrounding financial institutions given the current climate of mistrust.

So when Faction Co approached us to concept and create MGA Insurance Brokers new Television commercial for their rural audiences, we spent a good while looking for the right idea and had to go back to the drawing board a few times.

Our first instinct was comedy, because nothing breaks down barriers like a good Aussie chuckle inducing ad, but we wanted to speak more to MGA’s genuine point of difference. And frankly, well finance isn’t currently a laughing matter.

DOP, Tom Smeets.

So we spoke to more farmers and rural businesses about what they want and need from an insurer and the answers took us in a more serious direction. We wanted to tap into a strong sentiment that exists in rural areas with the prevalence of natural disasters, power outages, and other external pressures such as businesses packing up and leaving town.

We landed on the Insurance and Assurance campaign, which focussed on the ability of MGA’s localised brokers to provide real support for customers in the moment they most need it.

Having a good idea is one thing, but seeing it through a highly technical production process is another. After a lot of pre-production, our whole team landed on set for an intensive two day shoot involving four locations, including drones, a ute up on a low loader, the strategic breaking windows and creating a burnt paddock.


Burning some grass might seem like a straight forward job, but in the middle of fire ban season we had to employ some clever camera tricks, VFX, imported ash and black spraypainting to make the paddock look like a burnt wasteland.

However, it came out exactly as pictured.

For us, this project was an awesome opportunity to show how Floodlight as a full service production company can also provide all of the creative development that traditionally a large business like MGA would outsource to an agency.

In the ever evolving marketing industry we look forward to projects of this type becoming a staple for Floodlight.