Floodlight Media can live stream your event, conference, auction or ceremony LIVE.

Streaming allows you to tell your story as it happens, directly with the people who matter to you or your brand.

Why live stream?

Live streaming presents many benefits over traditional online media. The immediacy of the content allows for a range of interactivity, including live chat with viewers, online interviews and increased engagement.

It can provide unique opportunities for brands and organisations to bring their events to their followers live and on-demand immediately after the event. Streaming events live can significantly increase the reach of your event by taking it out of the venue and to a worldwide audience. There are opportunities to monetise these streams through advertising revenue and pay per view.

The potential for the uses for this technology are endless and Floodlight Media can help you bring these concepts to life!

How does it work?

Broadcasts can be scaled to suit your specific needs, from a single camera through to a multi camera broadcast.

There are dozens of options to help cover events from simple single camera setups, on-board action cameras, live aerial drone footage, live Steadicam and crane shots.

High quality graphics can also be applied to help tell a story, including results, name titles and live social media feeds.

Why use Floodlight?

We are first and foremost filmmakers who have worked on a range of projects including film, scripting, commercials, corporates and event coverage.

We believe in finding engaging stories within an event to help make it as entertaining as possible for viewers. These unique skills in storytelling set us apart from the competition, allowing us to not only accomplish a quality technical product but also bring the story of a live event to life.

How can I market my stream?

One of the most important factors with a live stream is a quality marketing strategy.

No matter what the occasion, it is crucial that viewers are informed of the time and location of the broadcast. It’s imperative that a concise marketing strategy has been developed in the lead up to the stream.

What are the costs?

We tailor our costs to suit your event requirements, starting at $1,500.00 per day for a single camera live stream.

Please get in contact and we can put together a quick quote for you.