Does Creativity Pay?

Since the beginning, part of the reason we started Floodlight was to have our own gear for when we want to do fun creative films. We love it that whenever a great idea comes into our heads we don't need to get lost in grant applications before we can even get our hands on a camera.

Years later with a fast growing business, it became clear that we would always sideline creative projects and focus purely on the immediate bread winning work if we didn't stop and re-evaluate. We all sat down and did a bit of soul searching and came to the conclusion that you don't find time for creative work, you make time.

Our new motto is, If you aren't doing personal creative projects, your commercial work is going to get stale, out of touch and unimaginative. If you can demonstrate to clients that you can reach a modern audience for yourself, you are giving them much more faith in your ability to advertise their brand and you are making a name for yourself in the process.

In a modern world with new social media advertising spaces, cheaper runaway viral campaigns are coinciding with many companies tightening their marketing budgets. This means they are more interested in giving creatives a chance to play with their brand.

Bringing it back down to us, we have now actively built a creative arm into our business. We are always looking for the next fun thing to do on the side and we have been busy with a few projects recently that have been really interesting.

Let's dial back a few years ago to a music video we made with Adelaide band, then 'Echo and the Empress' now Auguste.

We got pretty ambitious with this one, and the set was incredibly lively and fun. The idea was to do a single stage green screen adventure with multiple scenes flying into the same space. We built a bunch of sets including log cabins, desert wells, forests, snowy cliffs and attached them all to rolling sets. Then with perfect timing we rolled them in and out and threw the band members around within them.

In recent times we had got involved with Ben and Liam from the Fresh FM brekky team, (now the triple J brekky team) to make a pilot episode of a TV show called 'Fisheries Cops'. We worked with the guys to write the script and then set out for a few solid days of filming around the Northern beaches of Adelaide.

Some weeks of work later we had a final product ready for a big screening night at the theatre. We have since been using it as a base to apply for future funding on many initiatives that have since popped up and we are continuing to pursue any opportunities to get involved with making web tv content.

You can watch the full short film here:

Recently we decided that we wanted an ongoing creative outlet to pour our many ideas into and get more involved in the local comedy scene. So we teamed up with the new Fresh FM brekky host, Cameron Doyle and created the online sketch comedy channel 'Good Gravy'. Things got off to a great start with our first video 'When you have a thong blowout' collectively reaching over 150,000 viewers on multiple social media platforms.

So does creativity pay? In our opinion, in the long term it is absolutely worth the time and distraction. For Floodlight it has and will continue to be our greatest marketing tool and is key to keeping our brand relevant. Going forward we will continue to regularly make online content for Good Gravy and apply for Web TV initiatives. But most importantly, we will also always endeavour to provide our customers with fresh exciting ideas designed to reach a modern online audience in an increasingly noisy digital space.

By Cameron Roberts - Creative Director